The art of putting

Putting Fundamentals

The art of putting

The "Art of Putting" is grounded in the basics of putting fundamentals: set up (posture, alignment, ball position), aim (square putter face to the target line), putter path and length of stroke. How proficient you are in the "Art of Putting" is enhanced by developing the 3 key pillars of successful putting: Technique, Feel, and Performance.


Focus on the 15° mention of a Wellstroke

your putting arc

Discovering the amount of arc in your stroke helps you choose the right Wellstroke to train precision and efficiency into your technique.

Be square at impact

Precision is a key factor in making more putts. On a flat 6-foot putt, a putter face that contacts the ball with more than 1 degree open or closed will miss the hole. Training your brain to deliver a square putter face through impact, increases your ability to roll the ball along your intended line and that’s a start in the right direction.

A ball next to a hole on a BigTilt platform
Cameron McCormick putting on 13ft mat at home

Ensure a perfect putt

The alignment and stroke length markers on the Wellputt mats train your aim and feel. Finishing your putts in the Wellputt Zone encourages the right touch. Combine the two and you have a recipe for success you can trust.


Someone watching the Well-line projected on the BigTilt

Develop green reading skills

Training your eyes to recognize and read the slope between the ball and the hole is the first crucial component to reading greens successfully.

Experience the ideal break

When you can see the Well-line and then match it with pace, you experience the ideal break. Now that is training you can take to the course!

A ball next to a hole on a BigTilt platform
A guy at tge address on a Wellputt mat

Improve touch and feel

To develop the feel that delivers the right touch for any distance, train your set up, putter head alignment, and ideal stroke length on your Wellputt putting mat.


Cameron McCormick giving a lesson to a pro player helped by a Wellstroke

Train effectively

Training your technique, trusting your vision, and developing your feel with Wellputt’s innovative training tools gives you the confidence you need to perform your best on the course.

Reach your objectives

The Wellputt training app is your roadmap to success and was designed with your progress in mind; allowing you to train, chart, and measure your performance just like a pro!

Someone using the Wellputt mat with the app
Alignment of feet and putter face perfectly following the lines projected

Putt better, putt less

Great putting performances are fueled by confidence. Mastering the 3 pillars of successful putting with Wellputt training tools helps you putt better, putt less and most importantly, lower your scores.

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BigTilt Platform

“Make-it-mindset” & green reading

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Putting Training Mats

Dial in your distance control


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Perfect your putting stroke