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#1 Putting training concepts

Our concepts

#1 Putting Training Concepts

Wellputt has established itself in the Golf World as the brand you can trust to deliver golf training aids that take your putting game to the next level. Wellputt’s innovative and results-oriented training concepts connect the science of putting to athletic performance in a unique fun and efficient process.

Ball next to the hole on a BigTilt platform


The BigTilt is a complete putting solution that provides a player the opportunity to develop the “Make-it-mindset”, improve green reading skills and fine-tune accuracy by training vision and feel on various slopes assisted by a Well-line projection system.

Putting Training Mats

Our putting mats accurately replicate a medium-to-fast putting green surface and come with multiple visual aids and innovative exercises designed to fine tune your consistency and accuracy on the putting green.

Lesson on the Wellstroke outdoor


The Wellstroke is a motion putting guide based on three putting components: ball contact, aim and stroke path control. It provides visual stroke path support helping players to quickly identify technical errors.


Do you have floor space that’s just lying around? Our Custom solutions can be designed to suit your needs turning your floor space into an innovative and fun training ground. Add your logo or team colors and grow your brand.

Custom surface installed in Golf Plus Store Biarritz

Finding the right equipment and the best tools for feedback is key for any player wanting to improve their score

Cameron Mccormick 2015 PGA teacher of the year & jordan spieth's coach