Perfect your putting stroke


Perfect your putting stroke

The Wellstroke, co-created by Olivier “The Church” Leglise and Wellputt, is a highly innovative putting stroke motion guide that develops the key components of great putting. Weekly training on your Wellstroke will enable you to reproduce an optimal putting stroke that delivers a square putter face through impact every time. Continue to train daily on your Wellstroke, and you will master your putting stroke, increase the consistency of your strike, and roll it end over end on your intended line just like a pro, all of which equates to you, making more putts!

Be square at impact and never
miss a short putt again

Aim your putter like a pro

The Wellstroke has a perpendicular line square to the target at the address to ensure you place your putter squarely, with the perfect aim every time.

Hone your stroke & path

The visual step-by-step putter face guide helps you maintain a square putter face to the path throughout the stroke that develops muscle memory of the perfect stroke for any distance, making you the “Boss of the moss.”

Square faced putt on a Wellstroke

Perfect contact equals perfect roll

As you train your arc, the putter face guide also helps you maintain a square face to the arc’s path that delivers exceptional ball contact and a perfect roll.

Identify technical errors

Place golf tees in the holes along the outsides of the arc and two in the front where the ball exits to discover rather quickly where your stroke is off; adjust your efforts and progress efficiently and effectively.

Wellstroke training outside on a putting green

Do you know your arc?

The Wellstroke 12° is recommend by coach Cameron McCormick and suitable for most players. If you are advised by a coach or discover through a putter fitting that you require a different degree of arc, additional options are available from 15° to 24°

Silhouette of someone who needs a 12° Wellstroke


Silhouette of someone who needs a 15° Wellstroke


Silhouette of someone who needs a 18° Wellstroke


Silhouette of someone who needs a 21° Wellstroke


Silhouette of someone who needs a 24° Wellstroke


Cameron McCormick

Improve stroke consistency and be square at impact every time

Cameron McCormick 2015 PGA Teacher of the year & Jordan Spieth's coach