Our professional solutions


Our professional solutions

Wellputt is a global company that’s renowned for their premium putting mats with an unparalleled rolling performance, but also have developed a reputation as experts in customization. The designers at Wellputt deliver exceptional service with professional solutions that meet your specific needs. Customers have the opportunity to create a custom Wellputt mat, a unique training area or fitting surface, and a personalized Wellstroke. Wellputt’s Custom products are the ultimate option to promote your golf shop, academy, or company brand. The Wellputt design team is dedicated to bringing your custom desires to life, so go all in with no limit in size, color or quantity!

Custom surface installed in Golf Plus Store Biarritz

Custom surface

Wellputt’s premium custom surface rolls like a dream and can transform your available floor space into a fun and memorable putting training experience. There are no limits on size, color, or shape. You imagine it; we create it!

Custom mat

Wellputt putting mats enhance your golf experience; why not customize it and make it your own? Choose your colors and patterns, include your logo, and grow your brand.

Custom mat designed by the Wellputt Team

Custom Wellstroke

Make your Wellstroke come alive, choose a color and a theme, and train your putting stroke in your style.


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