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Putting represents the biggest opportunity for players to lower their scores; 45% of the strokes taken are strokes made with a putter. Wellputt has created results-oriented training aids that are available to start helping you get better at Golf today, especially in the art of putting.


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Cameron McCormick 2015 PGA
teacher of the year & coach of Jordan Spieth
8.2ft Putting mat - Stroke Master 8.2ft Putting mat - Stroke Master 8.2ft Putting mat - Stroke Master
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$201.83 $249.00
The “Stroke Master” combines four innovative products in one unique putting training package. It is more than a mat; it’s a pro-level training system that will get you rolling the rock with the perfect line and pace....
The First putting training mat accurately replicates a medium-to-fast putting green surface and has patented visual aids designed into the surface to help you fine-tune your consistency and accuracy. As you train, you...
Wellputt has combined two of its most popular products, “The Start Mat" and the "Wellstroke" into one incredible mat. The Wellputt mat Start 2.0 provides you with the tools to perfect your putting stroke, deliver a...
The 10ft Classic Wellputt Mat is loaded with patented designs intended to develop muscle memory of the correct aim and the right touch for any given putt. Training your putting, honing your technique and dialing in...
The 13ft Classic Wellputt Mat features a patented design with a rolling quality renowned as the leading scientifically accurate reproduction of a real-life green. As you train your putting on this mat, you develop...
The "Stars and Stripes" Wellstroke will transform your putting stroke into a precision performance machine on the open road. Bring the freedom and fun back into your putting training with the colors and inspiration of...
The Wellputt Ultimate Fitting mat features a roll and speed that is renowned as the leading scientifically accurate reproduction of a real-life green. The mat is designed with an aiming and fitting system that is sure...
The 26ft Classic Wellputt training mat accurately replicates a medium-to-fast putting green surface with a rolling quality that is renowned as the leading scientifically accurate reproduction of a real-life green. The...
An essential training kit for putting. Ideal on the practice green or at home to work on your putting stroke and control your speed. WellStroke Coach Pack includes: - 1 x Wellstroke 12° (Right Handed)- 3 x Ghost...
The Ghost Hole is a lightweight circular disc that is flexible and durable. It is the same size as a golf hole, so it can be utilized as a real hole substitute for effective putting training. The Ghost Hole by...
The Ghost Hole 3S pack is made up of disks in 3 different sizes that can be used on the putting green to replace a hole or to mark the ideal line of your putt.  So you can progress in the art of combining slope and...
Wellputt stainless steel training tees are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for checking your putting stroke progress on your Wellstroke. When you can't put a peg in the ground, put a Wellputt training tee in...
Elevate your putting practice with the Welltees, the revolutionary golf tees designed to seamlessly integrate with your Wellputt training aids. These headless tees are meticulously crafted to enhance your putting...
The Putting String Line by Wellputt is the ultimate training aid to refine your start line and face alignment skills to match your green reading. Simply position the string line on the green where you intend to send...
Wellgate Wellgate
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$26.10 $29.00
Elevate your putting skills with our premium pack of 3 golf putting gates. This set includes small, medium, and large gates, perfect for practicing precision and control on the green. Made from high-quality, durable...
The Wellguide is a putting training tool that allows you to develop your ideal putting stroke path and perfect your arc. In addition, it is designed to assist you in identifying any stroke errors with immediate...
The Wellhole presents you with the opportunity to feel the sensation of a putt well-holed.  It can be used to challenge your start line, dial in your pace, and even works as a putting gate to improve your ability to...
Introducing the Wellpen, a liquid chalk pen for putting training ! Elevate your putting game with this exceptional tool designed specifically to create precise lines on the green. Our liquid chalk pen features a fine...
The Wellstance has been imagined and created to serve multiple purposes: being able to create a mental image of the body's movement through the golf swing helping the mind register movements by repeating them on a...
The Wellstroke mat comes in 5 different degrees of arc, from 12° to 24°, and is designed to develop muscle memory of the key components behind great putting performances. Daily training on your Wellstroke will enable...