Custom wellstroke

Design your very own putting aid

Custom Wellstroke

Design your very own putting aid

Make your Wellstroke come alive, choose a color and a theme, and train your putting stroke in your style.

Start Customization Now

Choose a Wellstroke with your arc preference (12°, 15°, 18°,21°, 24°) and let the magic begin. Pick your favorite flavor from our classic green to any other color in the rainbow. Provide us with your logo in either (png) or (vectorized) format with instructions on where you would like it placed (corner, edge, center). Next choose your putter, include a photo of the head from above with the length from toe to heel and you are good to go!


How to order a custom Wellstroke?

Initial demand

The first step is simple, feel free to contact us at

Discussion on your project

We create a mock up of your project. From there we will discuss of any modification needed to lead to your dream putting mat.

Order & Payment

From your validation of the project, we will create and invoice and offer you different ways of payment.

Production time

As soon as the payment is confirmed, there will be a 2/3 day production time plus a week for the delivery depending on your location around the world.

Custom Wellstroke

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