Introducing the Wellpen, a liquid chalk pen for putting training ! Elevate your putting game with this exceptional tool designed specifically to create precise lines on the green. Our liquid chalk pen features a fine tip that effortlessly glides across the turf allowing you to draw accurate and visible lines for improved alignment and target practice. The non-permanent chalk formula ensures easy removal leaving no residue or damage to the green.


- Pack of 3 units
- Non toxic liquid chalk formula
- Fine tip
- Easy to remove with a wet towel

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Enhanced Precision: The fine tip of the liquid chalk pen allows for precise markings enabling you to create accurate lines and targets on the green. This precision helps improve your alignment aim and overall putting accuracy.

Easy Visibility: The vivid and visible chalk markings created by the pen provide clear visual feedback during practice sessions. You can easily see the lines shapes or zones you've drawn allowing for better focus and alignment with your intended target.

Adjustable and Non-Permanent: Liquid chalk pens offer the advantage of adjustability. You can easily erase or modify the chalk lines as needed during your practice routine. The non-permanent nature of the chalk ensures no permanent damage to the green providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution.

Versatility: Apart from putting training the liquid chalk pen can be used for various golf training purposes. Whether it's drawing lines on the range to work on swing control or marking the club face to analyze impact points the pen offers versatility for different training exercises.

Convenient Cleanup: The liquid chalk can be easily wiped off with a cloth or brush leaving no residue behind. This makes cleanup quick and hassle-free allowing you to focus more on your practice rather than worrying about extensive maintenance.

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