Pack of 18 Welltees

Elevate your putting practice with the Welltees, the revolutionary golf tees designed to seamlessly integrate with your Wellputt training aids. These headless tees are meticulously crafted to enhance your putting technique, providing precise and consistent feedback. Whether you're honing your arc putter path or refining your putter head alignment, the Welltees are the perfect addition to your training arsenal.

Arc Putter Path with Wellstroke
Place Welltees along your Wellstroke mat to guide your putter in a perfect arc. This setup helps you develop a smooth and consistent stroke essential for sinking more putts.

Exit Line and Putter Head Gate with Wellvision
Create precise exit lines and putter head gates with Welltees to ensure your putter face is square at impact and your ball rolls on the intended line. This setup is crucial for improving directional control and reducing putts missed to the left or right.

Pack of 18 units

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