Frequently Asked Questions

Wellputt’s concept and why train with our training mats

It’s not just a mat, it’s a training method! Approved by top coaches, the Wellputt training app has more than 50 exercises on 3 different levels which helps you to analyze what you need to practice and registers your progress. In addition, thanks to the optical markers you are able to correct your set up, to check your alignment and the amplitude of the stroke.

The Wellputt mat is approved by Cameron McCormick and top golf coaches, and awarded “Best Game Improvement Mat 2020” by MyGolf Spy!

Give it a try 😉

How can I place an order?

Wellputt presents 2 gateways to order your product. If you are based in America you will have to go to « Online Stores » and choose « US Online Store » situated in the top left corner. If you are based in the EU, Canada and the rest of the world, you will have to go to « Online stores » and choose « Global Online Store » situated in the top left corner.

If you are based in Australia or New Zealand you will have to go to « Online stores » then choose « Global Online Store » situated in the top left corner and choose «Australian Website ».

My mat has a curb at the end, how can I straighten it?

Wellputt mats are conceived for an easy set up. All you need to do is to roll the mat with the printed side outwards After this operation, your mat will roll perfectly flat!

On which surface does the training mat roll best?

We recommend that you place your training mat on a hard flat surface (solid floor or tiles) for optimal performance so that the trajectory of the ball is kept straight and has the best roll. If the mat is placed on a carpet or a soft surface, the mat may roll slower, less straight and present rippling curves.

My training mat is a little bit slow

Don’t worry! Your mat will get faster by brushing it the direction of the grain or simply by frequently walking and putting on your mat. The more you putt on it, the better it rolls!

Can the training mat be placed outside?

Wellputt mats can be placed indoors as well as outdoors! It’s waterproof so the rain won’t harm the roll quality of the mat. Only the sun can affect the mat by slightly fading its colors.

How can I sustain the quality of my mat?

We recommend that you use either a vacuum cleaner or a brush on the mat and finish in the direction of the grain. If you need to clean a stain, similar to a standard carpet, you can use warm water and a soft detergent.

My training mat has a manufacturing default. How long are the mats guaranteed?

First of all we are sorry if you have received a mat with a manufacturing default! But the solution is simple: Please send a picture/video to our Customer Sales Team at and we will inform you about the procedure to receive a new mat.

Nevertheless, if your training mat presents a default after the 30 days trial, even after several years, we are proud to announce that Wellputt mats are lifetime guaranteed ! We’ll refund the full purchase price of the product or replace it by a new one.
See question #10 for additional information.

How long do I have to return my purchase ?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days after receipt of your order to either return it and be refunded, or exchange it for another product if your purchase was made on the Wellputt Online Store.

Where can I find my tracking number ?

No need for you to look far! You will automatically receive an email with your tracking number. You may need to look into your SPAM folder.
You can also find your tracking number on your Wellputt account. Click on « My account » and « Order history and details » where you will see your order history and find a button called « Details ». On the bottom of this page you will find your tracking number and will be able to keep an eye on your new purchase!

What is the difference between the 13ft/4m Green Mat and 13ft/4m Black Mat?

The only difference between the Green and the Black Mat is the color. The Black Mat fits perfectly in modern interiors whilst the regular Green version reminds you of real conditions.

Do you make mats with slower speed ?

There is only one speed available which is the high speed version because we recommend high speed surfaces for best training efficiency.

Moreover, we recommend the high speed mat because it allows you to create a better feel of your putter. Given that, it’s harder to putt on fast greens, you are forced to develop the control of your putter face if you want to improve your speed control. By practicing with our highspeed mats, you will improve your putting skills which can only be beneficial once on real greens.

How does the scoring Training Book work ?

The instructions of each course are indicated on the top of the page. You can win for each succeeded exercise the points attributed to it. The goal of the game is to reach all holes and succeed each level going from beginners (orange) to intermediate (blue) and Advanced (black).
For example, for the orange course:
If you succeed 1 ball out of 3 you’ve achieved all attributed points to the exercise.
If you successfully reach all 22 points within the first 9 holes, you have fully succeeded at this level and can continue and play on the next 9 holes.
The entire course requires you to reach 47 points in order to pass to the blue course. Each level has different instructions to succeed the exercises.
Don’t forget, our exercise courses are also available on our Wellputt App on iOS and Android. You’ll be able to enter directly if you succeeded or failed your exercise, you can follow your stats and share them with your friends!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Information about the Big Tilt

The Big Tilt is available for purchase now ! Please contact us for information on and you can visit our website

Information about Custom Mats and Custom Putting Surfaces

We would be happy to assist you on your custom project. Please contact us on