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Big Tilt Pro Max

By November 3, 2020May 3rd, 2021No Comments

Reproduce real game situations.

The Big Tilt is the future of putting training.

After several years of research and development, a unique and innovative putting tool has arrived on the market: the Big Tilt Pro Max.

The Big Tilt is a tilting platform capable of reproducing real life conditions of a green. Indeed, it has the ability, by controlling it from the app, to incline up to +5% or -5% which corresponds to most slopes you can find on greens. In addition to its remote control utility, the app offers more than 150 exercises adaptable to all levels.

On October 19th, we went over to Jean Van de Velde’s putting academy in Paris and installed one of the first Big Tilt. Jean is a famous French PGA pro who competed on the tour for over 20 years. With 4 championship victories during his professional career, the first ever french player of the Ryder Cup is getting back into shape. Planning on competing on the Senior Tour, VDV asked Wellputt for a makeover of his studio. In addition of an amazing 53 square meter putting mat, we placed a Big Tilt equipped with the Well-Line technology (projection line system).

Be ready. The champ will be back.